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Solution Capillaire Select team in South Shore of Montréal

Having worked for more than 20 years in the hair stylist business and being personally afflicted with androgenitic alopecia, I can attest that unfortunately hair loss is still considered a social taboo.  If you suffer from hair loss, you need not suffer in silence.  After years of research, there is a solution!  

At Solution Capillaire Sélect we offer personalised consultations in a private environment.

Whether it is for preventive care, hair extensions, volumizer, natural or synthetic hair prosthesis or micro follicular transplant, you will be certain to attain more than natural looking results. 

Using our expertise we will select treatments tailored to your specific hair loss needs, we will guide you through their correct use and carry-out effective follow-ups as deemed necessary.  

We invite you to read more about our services.