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Hair loss prevention Products from Norgil

The Solution Capillaire Sélect centre team use top of the line Norgil products created especially to help reduce hair loss and bring back a healthy scalp. The ingredients used in their products will not only cleanse but also refreshon your scalp


First capsule with natural actives helping reduce hair loss First performant capsule: 88% of efficiency (efficiency's tests laboratory; Proclaim) **   Summary of clinical study of Alpharegul (laboratory Spincontrol * 1. The fall is highly reduce (significant decrease of hair in the telogen phase) 2. A clear increase of hair growing ...

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Aliment de vie

The Aliment de Vie du Cheveu, is ideal for anaemic hair, in cases of high seborrhoea, and also to strengthen the resistance of the hair. Due to his unique combination, the Aliment de Vie du Cheveu is a nutritional solution contributing to limit the excessive hair loss and to regain hair quality, bright, beautiful and flexible. Approved by Health ...

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Nourishing stabilizing concentrate

Favorable action on hair growth. Helps purify scalp with anti-inflammatory plant extract. Stimulates blood micro circulation of the scalp and improves hair nutrition. High in B group vitamins, plant extract for blood micro circulation. Recommended for hair loss due to stress, nutritional ...

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Alpharegulateur Anti-Hair Loss Concentrate (for androgenic loss)

A strong concentration of active ingredients at the hair root, without entry into the blood stream.  No effect on hormonal balance. 22% less hair loss in telogen phase. 15% more average thickness per cm2. With no significant side ...

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Alpharegulator Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

The 5-Alpharegulator Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo through frequent application will delicately cleanse fragile hair.  The natural cleansing base made from olive oil extract will leave your hair soft, silky and voluminous. In tandem with our anti-hair loss concentrate, this natural shampoo will optimize ...

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