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Hair loss caused by chemotherapy

Select Chemio Program

Select Chemio Program

A major side effect to chemotherapy or radiation therapy is without a doubt the partial or total loss of one’s hair.  For the majority of women it is considered to be the worst side effect; physically as much as emotionally.  Some women even say that it is as hard to accept as the cancer diagnostic itself.

Depending on the treatment hair loss may be partial or total.  For a majority of women hair loss may occur between 10 to 15 days after the first treatment.  In rare cases, the loss of hair may happen only after the second treatment.

This type of hair loss is usually temporary and the use of a comfortable prosthesis is usually recommended for this period.  Choosing a prosthesis (wig) can be difficult.   It is important that it fits perfectly with your lifestyle and personality.  We recommend that you contact us at Solution Capillaire Sélect prior to their 1st treatment at which time a hair technician can help select a prosthesis that best resembles your natural hair style and appearance. 

The Sélect Chimio Program will help you cope with hair loss caused by chemotherapy treatment.  The program includes:

  • Comfortable hair prosthesis with natural or synthetic fiber hair in line with your personality.
  • A full line of services:  Installation, cut, scalp treatment and hair prosthesis adjustment(s)
  • Home care hair prosthesis program

The Select Chemo Ultra Program includes as extra:

  • Daily scalp care products

  • 3 post-chemo care in a private cabin to promote healthy hair growth 

You will also find in our Solution Capillaire Sélectcentre a wide choice of turbans, hats and scarves.


We will support you BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your treatments.

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