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Micro follicular hair transplant

Once our analysis is completed, the appropriate solution for you might be a micro follicular hair transplant.  This new surgical technique optimizes the donor zone (30 to 50% of additional micro transplants) and a better density for a more natural look.

The micro follicular transplant follows the same principles than a regular transplant but with respect to the follicular units of the hair. These are a group of 2,3 or 4 hairs that grow through the same pore.

The follicular units transplant offers better results than any other hair transplant method. With the follicular units transplant, the donor zone is divided into constitutional follicular units 

You will then be referred to a surgeon who will position the follicular units. The procedure under local anaesthesia similar to the dentist, will last about 4 hours.

Since many hair loss solutions exist, it is important to meet a specialist that will help determine the proper solution for your problem. The next step after determining that the transplant is the best solution, will be to establish a date.

The Sélect Greffe Program includes:

  1. Hair loss treatments with high quality Norgil products.
  2. a pre-surgery salon care 72-hours prior to and a post-surgery salon care.

A comparative before and after analysis with our micro camera.