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You would like to regain the hairs that you lost?

Have you noticed that your hair is thinner than usual? Are you finding more and more hair on your pillow? Are you wondering how long this will continue? Whether it is oily hair, dandruff, irritations, a diffuse hair loss or any other scalp problem at Solution Capillaire Sélect we can help you. Our hair plays a large part in our everyday lives. For the majority of people who suffer from hair loss, this has a devastating effect on their social interaction. The quality and look of our hair influences confidence and self-esteem.

Causes of hair loss

There are many causes for hair loss. It may be androgenic or due to stress, hormonal imbalance, a medical side effect following treatments such as chemotherapy or just everyday medication. As there are many existing solutions, your scalp expert can help you find the best one for you. During a private consultation, a scalp analysis done with a micro-camera along with a detailed client questionnaire will permit the expert to find the exact cause for your hair loss. Then together, we can devise a plan of action that best serves your needs.

Hair fall solution

Whether it is prevention, extensions, hair replacement, human or synthetic hair prosthesis or micro follicular transplant, you will be sure to achieve results you are looking for with more than natural look.

The enthusiasm and warm atmosphere found here allow people suffering from these problems to feel a sense of confidence in finding an innovative solution adapted to their life style. At Solution Capillaire Sélect, we believe one of the principal factors in confidence and self esteem is feeling good about oneself. We are equally aware that hair or the lack of, accounts for a large portion in an individual’s appearances. Let us welcome you into a serene environment where consultations are performed in a private room with courtesy and compassion.

Thanks to our unique solutions specially designed for men and women dreaming of achieving their objective, you will never have to be concerned with your looks again. The Solution Capillaire Sélect team from Châteauguay can offer you the most innovative solutions to counter act hair loss or replace the hair you have already lost. The time when a hair piece blew off with the wind and when wigs were badly adjusted has passed and revolutionized. The new nonsurgical hair replacement methods with recent technological developments in this industry, brings our taste up-to-date with easy and natural solutions.

Live with confidence and assurance