Do you have thin, thin hair? Do you suffer from hair loss?

InvisaBlend is a revolutionary breakthrough concept that is totally opposite from any other method of adding hair or replacement hair. The biggest benefit is that InvisaBlend is the first and only method and concept that adds additional hair WHILE keeping all your existing hair safe and healthy. This is the first and only method and concept that enable you to have full 100% access to your entire scalp and utilize 100% of all your existing hair.
The ability to utilize and keep all your existing hair safe and healthy is a major breakthrough because all other methods in existence cause you to lose more of your additional hair. No one like to lose any of their additional hair as a tradeoff of adding additional hair—this is an extremely uncomfortable tradeoff of which no one likes, but nevertheless people worldwide are doing this ONLY because they have no other choice, until now—there is InvisaBlend that leaves your hair alone, allows you to use all of your own hair and give you full access to your entire scalp.

InvisaBlend also provides another remarkable benefit that does not exist anywhere else in the world—InvisaBlend will add additional hair while simultaneously stimulating additional hair growth.

Here’s how this works:

  • If you are already getting hair growth treatments we all know you should not stop and or apply any of the existing methods of adding hair because then that would be counterproductive—meaning that hair growth treatment would then have no positive effect if you started adding hair with any other method of hair addition, meaning like any Hair Extension or any Hair System or a wig of any sort. BUT…with InvisaBlend you can continue using a hair growth treatment plus apply InvisaBlend. Meaning you can have both—the hair growth treatment AND InvisaBlend for the benefit of adding all of the additional hair of which the hair growth treatment wasn’t able to provide you. You can now get the most out of the hair growth treatment and have InvisaBlend provide you with the rest of the hair fullness and or hair length you want.
  • If you are not presently using any hair growth treatment you can now have InvisaBlend AND also apply any hair growth treatment for the purpose of maximizing the health and growth of your existing hair. It’s important to know that you can have the additional hair you want while at the same time providing maximize heath and growth to your existing hair. This has never existing before but now this combined option is NOW available to you.
  • You can even use InvisaBlend temporarily if you chose to—by having InvisaBlend plus applying the hair growth treatment of your choice, and if your hair growth in enough to your satisfaction then you can reduce that adding hair from InvisaBlend therefore fading out the added hair from InvisaBlend. This is all possible because InvisaBlend is the first and only concept and method that adds additional hair while maintaining the safety and health and growth of your own hair.

What hair conditions does InvisaBlend work for?

InvisaBlend is the first and only cure-all, meaning InvisaBlend is also the only method that can be customized for any hair loss or hair thinning or baldness that exist on earth. Some examples being—InvisaBlend works no matter what kind of Alopecia you may have, some examples of Alopecia of which InvisaBlend has historically worked extremely will are the following:

  • Alopecia Areata
  • Alopecia Universalis
  • Alopecia Totalis
  • cicatricial alopecia – which is also known as scaring Alopecia

Due to the invention of the Micro Strand Invisablend can be customized no matter what kind of Alopecia you may have. The Micro Strand is a very unique invention of which is a filament as fine in diameter as one single human hair, but ten times stronger than a human hair plus the Micro Strand is transparent, so upon contact of the skin or scalp it disappears. Then one human hair at a time if fed onto these Micro Strands and while they are blended in-between thing hair and or any kind of Alopecia. So even if you have a sensitive scalp from any form of Alopecia you will feel as if nothing is there but your own hair, but you will have no more thin hair areas and no more balding areas.

Male pattern baldness and Female pattern baldness – InvisaBlend also works outstandingly on any form of male pattern baldness or any degree of female pattern thinning or any degree of female pattern baldness also. The Micro Strands are specifically customized to adjust to any form of hair thinning or hair balding and or any degree of baldness.

InvisaBlend Compared to all other options

  1. Hair Extensions – No matter what method of Hair Extension InvisaBlend is highly more advanced and much more beneficial. The more important factor is that all methods of hair extension cause additional hair loss, whereas InvisaBlend keeps all your hair healthy while making your hair fuller and or fuller and longer. Plus, hair extension do not add additional hair within the top areas and when they do its more of a hair piece. But InvisaBlend can add additional hair anywhere in the head. When hair is added through the top and front areas you see and feel nothing but hair and scalp. This is all possible due to the invention of the Micro Strand of which is as fine as one hair and disappears upon contact of the scalp.
  2. Hair Systems – A hair system is also known as a hair process or a hair unit of which is attached to the head and hair by using bonds or glues. And most important—these hair systems most commonly remove or shave off the existing hair on the top area to then bond the Hair System on. But with InvisaBlend all of your own hair is left along by the InvisaBlend method simply feeding single human hairs in-between the existing thinning hairs. This is a major difference and benefit.
  3. Wigs of any sort – When you compare InvisaBlend to any sort of wig in existing there is no comparison. Even the very best wigs which are hand tied wigs are very light and somewhat comfortable, but there are tremendous benefits with InvisaBlend when compared to any wig in existence. Any kind of wig still covers the existing hair and scalp which is not healthy for the existing hair and scalp. Plus, any wig is never secure enough to perform any lifestyle activity therefore restricting people. InvisaBlend is totally different because InvisaBlend never covers but instead blends single human hairs in-between any existing hair. This then feels as if nothing is there while giving full 100% access to the scalp. Plus, InvisaBlend utilizes a revolutionary attachment method call Stranding Locking which by only using the Micro Strand secures to existing hairs in a safe and virtually invisible way. This provides each individual with total security. This enable you to perform any activity so you entire lifestyle is free to do whatever you want.
  4. Concealers – these are those darkening powders of which are used to conceal or to cover the balding areas. Any concealer on the market is not healthy for the scalp because it blocks the hair follicles therefore speeding up thinning and baldness. Concealers will no longer be needed anymore when compared to InvisaBlend because this advanced method feeds single real human hairs apart from each other in-between the existing thinning hair and or also filling up any balding areas. Now you have real hair to love and live with instead of covering balding and or thinning areas. So InvisaBlend give you a much more flexibility to do whatever you want.
  5. Hair Units and Hair pieces – These are most commonly clipped on but sometimes braded on or bonded on. The main things about any sort of hair unit and or hair piece is that these cover the existing hair therefore speeding up hair thinning and balding. InvisaBlend is opposite because individual hairs are added in-between your existing hairs and or throughout bald areas in a way that allows full access to your entire scalp. With InvisaBlend—due to the fact that one real human hair at a time is fed onto the Micro Strands and then blended in-between your hairs and or onto balding areas you feel and see nothing and each individual hair seems as if they are actually growing out of your scalp.

InvisaBlend duplicate real hair growth because one human hair at a time if fed onto the invisible Micro Strands so upon contact of the scalp you then only see and feel single human hairs appearing to be actually growing out of your scalp.

InvisaBlend is state of the art, the top technology that supersedes all and any other options in the entire world. This is the reason why InvisaBlend hair studios offer Free Trials where you can come in and have some hair added so you can experience how InvisaBlend feels and looks as a true live experience.

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