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and become a specialist in hair loss.
If you believe you are qualified or have any other questions, please contact Nancy Lemieux 438 929-3553

Specialized in hair and education

The Solution Capillaire Select Clinic is also Solution RevolutionHair, a firm specializing in training in alopecia. Our mission goes far beyond the accompaniment of people struggling with hair loss. It goes through the education of staff in hairdressing salon and hair clinics, as well as the sensitization of health care professionals including dermatologists and pharmacists. Solution Capillaire Select: the hair specialist!

Do you want to specialize?
Do you want to start a business that offers full services?
You are in the right place!

In groups or personalized
Increase the income of your company and add value!

Technical support
Give more choice to your customers! No matter the problem we can help you!

Questionnaire to become Certified

Please understand that we want to make sure it fits your needs and those of your business. It is therefore important that you understand this concept completely. Please return this questionnaire within three business days.

The trainings we offer

  • Marketing training for steady and progressive growth
  • Phone, email, text and in-person sales training
  • Design Training – Learn How to deal with Any Hair Loss Situation
  • Order training
  • Services and installation training

This concept is completely different from all other methods in the industry. Because of its uniqueness, there is a learning curve for each hairdresser and salon to study and master before being allowed to properly deliver and execute that concept.
The concept has to be marketed, sold and executed in a certain way to help honestly and properly the public while you are growing your salon. This concept is not for all professionals, so we must be very selective as to who will offer it.
We only want highly committed professionals who are ready to develop this concept quickly while fully educating your potential customers and current customers.
So with this said we need you to fill out this questionnaire to get an understanding about you as a professional and your business. (There is no right or wrong answers):


ownerManagerOperator in this salon

Do you own your own Salon ?

Are you the manager of a Salon ?

Do you work in a salon (not own or manage a salon) as an operator ?

Do you have more than one location ?

Does the Salon offer any form of adding hair and if so explain. Example – Hair Extension, Hair Weaves, Hair Systems, Integrations, wigs, etc…

Is your Salon in a city area, and if not how close is it to a city area.

Do you advertise monthly, and if so please explain.

Your decision—after your understand the options:

This concept is NOT for every professional – there is a learning curve before being able to offer this concept. Plus by offering this concept high volumes of interested candidates will be contacting your company. This is not good unless you are trained properly to handle such high volume of people.

If you think you are qualified or have any other questions, please contact Nancy Lemieux 438 929-3553.


Various products and hair pieces!


Sales Technique and Consultation! Associated with a computerized micro-camera and a specialized software.
Specialized care technique for every type of scalp and hair.
The first contact with your client!

Synthetic wig

To simplify your task!
Our high quality collections
Ask us for the catalogs.
Training on our models of wigs and sales methods, order for each customer.
The positive and negative aspects of synthetic
How to adjust, cut and install!
Several suppliers

Medical wigs specially designed for all types of alopecia!

We believe in the comfort of our customers
If Alopecia persists and your customers have almost no hair? Many ways to install them.
100% natural hair of high quality.

Volumizers and hair replacement

(Volumizer integration)
Wide choices
Quality hair
The joy and the opportunity to work with Stock or custom parts
With all the advantages!

Hair Extensions

Many lengths, styles and methods available.

Your customers have thin, sparse hair and suffers from hair loss?

Territories available | Are you looking for relevant information about the Invisablend technique?

Do you run a hair clinic?
Training and certification on hair integration

Solution RevolutionHair team can help you.
Solution Capillaire is the first hair clinic in Canada to offer the Invisablend technique. From where it gave us the idea to create the Solution RevolutionHair Academy.
Our goal; enable men and women across the country to benefit from this technological advancement.
How? By certifying hair clinics like yours.

For Francophone customers: Two-day training at your hair clinic.
For English-speaking customers: online training via video viewing. Training manual included

The consultation, the calculation of the price list (customized for each order), purchase orders, the installation of the hair stranding as well as the in store and home maintenance are the main topics.

The invisablend technique increases the volume of your hair while leaving your own hair intact. It’s a healthy and natural approach that cannot be found anywhere else. This method allows your scalp to breath and be accessible, allowing you to perform hair treatments to stimulate the growth of new hair as well as treat hair loss simultaneously. Hair is added one by one on a microscopic filament, invisible to the eye and then added to your hair.

Hair Stranding gives spectacular results.

The only technique available on the market that has the power to add hair without damaging those you already have. A perfect and balanced combination of your hair and the additional hair. Adjusted for you and your needs without negative impact on your hair or scalp. Preserved your hair with unrestricted access to your scalp. Your hair will grow freely! InvisaBlend reproduces the natural growth of hair, here are three videos that show you the power of InvisaBlend.

To learn more about the InvisaBlend technique, visit