Men’s Density Trio and Beard Balm by Térapo Médik


We strongly suggest that you seek the advice and recommendations of our specialists before using products for hair loss, for hair problems or for the skin. For optimal results, it is important to follow up with us.


This set includes:

No. 1 Térapo Médik Masculine Complex Shampoo: Treatment designed to purify the scalp of calcium and fat, thus promoting better hair growth. Its specific composition makes it a product exclusively reserved for men. Size 250ml.

No.2 Masculine Complex Lotion Térapo Médik: Concentrate of biological active ingredients based on African kigelia, sage and ginko biloba designed to stimulate and revitalize the scalp. Its decalcifying properties prevent the hardening of sebum, salts and impurities in the follicular funnel. Its specific composition makes it a product exclusively reserved for men. This lotion must be used in combination with a shampoo from the Térapo Médik professional range. Size 100ml.

No.3 Térapo Médik Masculine Daily Shampoo: Give your hair a well-deserved break with this shampoo bursting with natural ingredients. Soft and rich in plant extracts, it adapts to all hair types thanks to its neutral pH. Use it alternately with another shampoo from the Térapo Médik range. Size 250ml.


No.7 Beard Balm: Its formula based on shea butter and beeswax eliminates stubborn hairs and allows easy styling of the beard, without flaking effect. The addition of castor oil rich in vitamin E and fatty acid deeply nourishes the skin and hair and promotes hair growth. A touch of silk protein and flaxseed extract coat the beard and leave it smooth, shiny and perfectly hydrated. Size 120ml.