Moda+Bella Simply Lite Topper


Please note that our online prices do not include the trial of several models in the clinic, the consultation service with one of our specialists, the cut or the adjustments. Colors may vary slightly depending on the hair fiber. The sale is final.


A discreet piece that gives a subtle effect of filling and volume for thinning hair on top and especially at the hairline!


  • Four 1″ pressure sensitive clips
  • Monofilament base
  • Heat-friendly fiber

Additional information

Moda+Bella Colour

10R, 12/26, 12R, 14/88, 18/26, 19/23RT, 1R, 2/4R, 30/25, 4/6R, 56R, 60R, 8R, Butter Caramel, Chocolate Frost