Sisu Stress Relief 250 mg L-Theanine, 60 capsules


High-dose L-theanine to relieve anxiety, reduce stress and promote relaxation.

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Sisu Stress Relief relieves anxiety, reduces stress and promotes relaxation the natural way. This fast-acting, non-sedating formula contains L-theanine, a safe, natural remedy that has been around for centuries to help better manage stress. Available in high-potency capsules or fast-absorbing chewable tablets, this supplement is non-habit forming, also helps improve sleep quality and focus, and reduces caffeine-induced jitters.


  • Relieves anxiety, reduces stress, promotes relaxation
  • Fast acting and effects lasting several hours
  • Non-sedating and non-habit forming
  • In high-dose capsules or chewable tablets with rapid assimilation

Format: 60 vegetarian capsules