Breast Prostheses, Post-Operative Products, and Sports Lingerie

Wearing a silicone prosthesis calibrated after a mastectomy is medically necessary to maintain the right weight and symmetry of the chest and back.

Maintaining adequate shape and weight is important to ensure proper alignment of the spine and chest, which will minimize and prevent posture problems and back injuries.


Wearing a breast form for weight and balance


A breast prosthesis is much more than an aesthetic improvement in appearance. Wearing a correctly-fitted breast prosthesis that matches a remaining breast in size and shape helps to replace the breast weight and keeps the body’s equilibrium and alignment evenly balanced.


NOT replacing the lost breast tissue weight can lead to the following problems:

– Spinal curdling;

– Shoulder dropping:

– Muscles contracting with discomfort (neck or back pain);

– Balance problems.

A natural appearance, a precise and comfortable fit of breast prostheses, supplements, and adapted post-operative garments, are the ultimate solution.

Feel beautiful and confident!

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