Men’s and Women’s Volumizing System – Toppers

I am losing my hair, what do I do? My hair is falling out. The specialists at Solution Capillaire Sélect suggest a volumizing system to alleviate this problem known to many men and women. A hairpiece (topper) is the optimal solution! It is a simple, fast, and advantageous solution to hair loss.

Volumizing System: No more thinning hair

Suitable for men and women, the name says it all. The volumizing system, commonly known as a topper, restores volume to any hair. This removable piece, applied to thinning hair, attaches to the hair using small clips.

Installation of the volumizing system takes place during an appointment with a wigmaker. Our team assesses the possibilities according to your sparse hair . Together we will determine the ideal natural hair volumizing system that is suitable to you, and we will make sure that it blends perfectly with your hair.

The volumizing system requires washing and styling like your natural hair. Daily styling is necessary for an optimal look for your topper.


Lack of time to set your hair? The installation of the volumizing system is also offered at the clinic. Solution Capillaire Sélect offers adjustment and maintenance service of volumizing system, from shampoo to cutting, coloring, and styling.


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