Advice following breast surgery

It is common for women who have undergone breast surgery to experience persistent pain either in the chest, armpit, arm, or shoulder.


Post-mastectomy pain syndrome (PMPS)

Post-mastectomy pain syndrome is chronic pain that occurs when nerves in the breast or armpit are damaged following mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery. This pain can be sharp or present in the form of a burning or stabbing sensation.


The vast majority of women will experience pain in the days and weeks following breast surgery. To help these women we offer the Amoena range of post-operative products. These products are specially designed for the different needs of patients during and after their breast cancer treatment. No matter the need, we support women on their journey to healing.


Silicone healing bands

It is possible to treat your scar at home to improve the appearance and texture with silicone strips. It is important to consult your doctor before using the silicone bands.


Benefits of silicone bands for the patient:

  • Protects delicate scar tissue;
  • Reduces itching;
  • Eases pain;
  • Improves the appearance of the scar;
  • Positive psychological effect;
  • Faster scar maturation.


You can achieve positive results with old scars that are still visible by combining compression and silicone products.


Post-operative bras

Following your surgery, we will offer you a bra specially designed for this first step after the surgery. The post-operative bra is a compression garment with several advantages such as:

  • Contributes to better healing;
  • Stabilizes the shape of the affected breast;
  • Front zipper;
  • Internal pockets for the insertion of a breast prosthesis;
  • Protects sensitive scar tissue and limits irritation;
  • Minimizes the risk of post-operative edema;
  • Reduces post-operative pain.


Will you be having drains installed during the operation? We have a camisole with pockets to accommodate these drains and thus reduce discomfort and pain. The front zipper and temporary cotton pockets allow you to dress in peace. This camisole is designed to provide maximum comfort with padding that protects your skin from the zipper. If necessary, you can remove the pockets from the drains using the Velcro to which they are attached. The camisole also includes adjustable breast fillers in a fiber padding. These integrated breast forms offer an ultra comfortable symmetry solution.



Breast prostheses

It is important not to wear an external breast prosthesis too soon after your surgery. This is because it must be ensured that the breast is completely healed and that there is no longer any edema. During this period of about 8 weeks following the surgery, we offer you a light and comfortable prosthesis to wear. The Priform prosthesis does not irritate the skin and does not put pressure on scar tissue. In addition, the inner face is antibacterial. Following complete healing, the latter will be replaced by a silicone gel prosthesis. Different models and shapes are available to perfectly match the silhouette and for the comfort of each woman.

After the healing phase of the wound, the skin and scars can be very sensitive. A transition from post-operative compression bras to Amoena Comfort bras is recommended. Our advisors will be able to answer all your questions and offer you the best products related to your condition. Women affected by PMPS will require soft and lightweight products. The Amoena product line has been developed with light and soft products to meet all these needs.


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