Hair Replacement

Is your hair thinning? To camouflage this area, Solution Capillaire Sélect turns to hair replacement.

Little known, hair replacement remains one of the most practical methods and is ideal for active people with baldness or any other form of alopecia. This is a removable, custom piece that is styled to your taste and set in less than an hour. It is applied to the scalp using special glue. Its perfect integration fills-in the lack of hair. Now that’s a real hair supplement!

Hair replacement is a second skin. Clinically-adjusted, this contact hair piece remains in place for up to a month. Hair replacement answers the question: What do I do if my hair is falling out?



The hair replacement installation requires a consultation appointment at the Solution Capillaire Sélect clinic. Experts analyze and assess the condition of your hair, address your concerns, and advise you to ensure that you make an informed decision. From then on, the clinic will offer you an annual program according to your look, budget, and lifestyle. A number of pieces are determined according to your needs in order to recreate the desired look.

Solution Capillaire Sélect offers the adjustment and maintenance of contact hair, coloring, hair care, shampoo, cut, and styling.


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