Scalp care


Skin and hair cells are constantly being renewed. To allow for optimal hair regrowth, it is necessary to ensure that the hair follicles are clear and healthy in order to allow for the regrowth of large healthy hairs. To do this, it is necessary to oxygenate the scalp as much as possible in order to restore its health and allow for the renewal of healthy hair follicles.

Seasonal moult is specifically noticeable in the spring and especially in the fall. During this period, natural hair loss may accelerate or appear to be more severe. With a lack of proper care, the scalp accumulates residues, which can cause hair follicles to be retained at the root. This buildup will eventually fall out in denser clumps. This form of hair loss can be very serious and worrying.


To restore good hair health, it is important to receive the proper treatment for your specific condition. Our team of experts will make sure to provide you with the best care. We also massage your scalp, and everything is done in a relaxing environment.

Do you have any additional problems with your scalp? We offer you a purifying treatment. This treatment removes impurities, such as polymers left by lower quality haircare products or toxins secreted by the body. These accumulate on the scalp and prevent your hair from growing back properly. The purifying treatment will wake up some of the hair that is currently dormant. Remember that good oxygenation helps restore the health of your hair.

During the treatment, our experts will thoroughly brush to remove all deposits and impurities. Stimulation is done using a high-frequency probe. This step stimulates the scalp and sanitizes it. The next step is deep cleansing with an exfoliant. We prepare your scalp to receive the nutrients for your care at home, increasing their effectiveness at the same time. Your treatment will end with a scalp mask and a soothing scalp massage. This will soothe your irritated scalp. 

This combination of in-clinic and at-home care adapted to your specific scalp problem is the winning formula! After all, scalp and hair health are a reflection of our overall health.


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