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The solution for all surgeries

Everyone hates having unsightly scars. In order to achieve better scar results, we recommend the combination of medical grade silicone bands and post-operative compression garments.

Regain your mobility, reduce pain, and limit traces related to surgery. This is an important part of healing.

Recognized worldwide, our post-operative compression products as well as our medical grade silicone strips offer comfort following surgery. The combination of these 2 main types of products results in several advantages. Our compression garments are Oekotex certified in addition to being pre-washed and packed in a sterile envelope.

The combination of silicone bands and compression garments is a winning solution. 

For the first 21 days, the compression garments prevent pressure points by stabilizing the surgery. This has the effect of significantly reducing pain and inflammation. Thereafter, wear the medical grade silicone strips for 23 hours a day to reduce the scar and improve its appearance. You can cut the silicone strips according to your needs and reuse them for up to 12 weeks. Know that a wound needs a clean and moist environment to heal well. Thus, you will allow your scar tissue to achieve flexibility while decreasing redness and swelling.

This technique is approved by Health Canada and is suggested for all types of surgeries.


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