Post-Operation: Compression Garments

While waiting for the 4-6 weeks necessary for your wounds to heal, we can advise you on post-operative compression garments which will increase support and thus reduce pain. Get the Leyla bra before your surgery. This compression bra will be returned to you in a sealed and sterilized envelope. You can bring it to the operating room and it can be installed at the end of the surgery. It is the main garment of a woman during her convalescence.

A pocket bra and breast padding for comfort meet a woman’s needs when she is on the mend, but not ready to wear a traditional bra. You may still have swelling, but be about to resume your normal life.

A pocket mastectomy bra and an external silicone breast prosthesis can be fitted approximately six weeks after the mastectomy and with the approval of the attending physician.


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