The hair life cycle

During the consultation, our specialist will explain the hair life cycle and the duration of each phase.

Like all body hair, the hair on our head has its own life cycle. This is called the hair cycle. Each hair will experience different phases: growth (anagen), rest where the cell separates from the matrix (catagen), and the fall phase (telogen). Hair has the ability to renew itself, allowing the hair cycle to begin again. However, not all hairs in the same area go through the same phases at the same time or for the same duration.

To increase the lifespan of each of the phases and to reduce hair loss permanently, it is important to take care of your scalp and your hair. The skull has several layers of skin called the epidermis. When dead skin particles are not properly removed, the new hair bulb can no longer grow. If we wait and do nothing to eliminate this waste, hair renewal will be prevented. This eventually causes the hair follicles to die.

Our solution following a consultation is the complete care of the scalp. This involves removing all the residues that do not come off during a conventional wash at home.

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