Noticing Hair Loss

Have you noticed that you are losing your hair more abundantly than usual?

Do you believe that your only resources are your doctor and your hairdresser?

In reality, neither can really help you.

The doctor will refer you to a dermatologist. It could take a full year before you get an appointment. And once that appointment comes, you may not actually get the answers you expected. It is often the case that after waiting this long, you reach a stage where the dermatologist has no solution to offer you. The dermatologist is not equipped with a specialized camera to look at your scalp. At this stage, the damage is often irreversible or too advanced. This will result in more limited and often less desirable solutions. That’s a shame!

Unfortunately, your hairdresser will not be able to help you either since they do not have training in trichology. Trichologists study the structure and function of the hair and scalp; they are hair experts. A trichologist is therefore an expert in hair health.


What can we do for you?

During the consultation, we take the time to analyze your scalp and make a complete assessment in order to understand the changes that are occurring. It must also be determined whether the situation is permanent or temporary. Is the problem hereditary? The diffuse fall may be due to an external and temporary situation such as medication, illness, stress or any other situation.

We will answer all your questions in order to make informed decisions based on your needs and expectations.


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