Balance, Posture and Support

Wearing a calibrated silicone prosthesis after a mastectomy is medically necessary to maintain the correct weight and symmetry of the thorax and back. Are you planning a permanent breast reconstruction? Breast supplementation is still important.

Maintaining proper shape and weight is key to ensuring proper spine and chest alignment, which will minimize and prevent postural problems and back injuries.

The importance of wearing an external breast prosthesis for weight and balance:

An external breast supplement is more than an aesthetic improvement in appearance. Wearing a properly fitting silicone prosthesis that matches the size and shape of the remaining breast replaces the weight of the missing breast and helps the body maintain alignment and balance.

NOT wearing a breast prosthesis or wearing an uncalibrated external breast prosthesis can cause the following problems:

  • Spinal stiffness;
  • Lowering the shoulder(s):
  • Muscle contracture accompanied by discomfort (neck or back pain);
  • Balance problems.

A natural appearance, the most precise and comfortable fit of external breast prostheses and supplements as well as the correct post-operative clothing is the ultimate goal.

Be beautiful and confident!