Solutions for Alopecia

There are many different types of alopecia, and the condition evolves according to different factors and stages. Our trichologists will analyze and evaluate your condition and propose various solutions based on your individual assessment. It’s important to consult a specialist as soon as symptoms appear. Current medical resources don’t allow you to consult a specialist quickly. That’s why it’s important to meet with an expert so that solutions can be proposed as quickly as possible. Whether it’s a wig, in-clinic or at-home treatments, our specialists will suggest a solution that meets your needs. Sometimes, a thorough analysis and regular follow-ups will improve your image and, above all, your self-confidence.

Occasionally, alopecia has already reached a stage that is too advanced, with most or all of the hair having fallen out. For some people, wigs and permanent make-up are the solution to restoring their self-esteem.

It is therefore important to book an appointment with one of our trichology specialists as quickly as possible so that we can inform you of the solutions available to you. Book an appointment now.