Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy

It is not uncommon for chemotherapy or radiation therapy to be the first step towards recovery.

When a person receives chemotherapy treatment, the scalp may become sensitive, and often the hair falls out a few days after the start of treatment. The scalp becomes irritated and dehydrated. Chemotherapy and/or raditation therapy are often required for cancer treatment. They are responsible for the decrease and complete cessation of cell activity, which results in hair loss. Once the treatments are finished, the hair cycle starts-up again, but the hair remains fragile. Our attentive team will offer you solutions such as wigs or hats to improve your self-esteem, integrity, and quality of life.

Our attentive team will offer you solutions such as wigs or hats to improve your perception, integrity and quality of life.

It is important to sufficiently nourish your scalp throughout the process in order to keep it in good health and to allow for hair regeneration at the end of the treatments. The Well-Being Home Care Kit hydrates and nourishes your scalp before, during, and after treatments. We combine this at-home treatment with 3 scalp treatments at our clinic. Some small touch-ups can be done while you are waiting to see your preferred hairdresser.



Offering local products for local people, Sibelle offers a wide range of scarves that integrate hair bands and can be personalized to your color and length in order to recreate a natural look.

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We have a huge range of hats, beanies, scarves and caps to help you feel beautiful!