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Your well-being is important to us!


At Solution Capillaire Sélect, we believe that a healthy immune system helps promote better hair growth. Working in combination with your HAIR CARE plan, we have carefully selected a collection of vitamin supplements in a well-balanced dosage to optimize your treatment. It is important to combine a vitamin treatment plan with hair care as recommended by one of our hair experts.

This is why we CHOSE a line of Canadian products that has proven itself for over 35 years.

These natural health products are designed with innovative, clinically proven ingredients with cutting-edge environmental awareness. Complying with Canadian regulatory requirements, Sisu’s unique formulations are non-GMO, derived from the purest raw materials, and subjected to quality checks without compromise. Guaranteed potency and purity, patented ingredients, as well as 100% recyclable bottles (cobalt blue) have bridged the gap between cutting-edge science and ethical manufacturing. The emphasis is on the total well-being of body and mind.

It’s all about balance! People have demanding work schedules and busy family lives. Eating healthy is a big challenge! Balance is essential for maintaining optimal health. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy.

At Solution Capillaire Select, we constantly strive to offer the most efficient and highest quality products on the market.



Sisu means « Inner Strength, Force, Integrity, Perseverance »



New at Solution Capillaire!



VIVSCAL PRO is a 100% drug-free supplement for anyone who wants thicker, denser, and more beautiful hair. This hair growth supplement nourishes fragile hair and reduces hair loss due to heat, styling, coloring, extensions, etc. Viviscal Pro nourishes the hair follicles from the inside. The VIVISCAL PRO treatment (2 tablets per day) combined with an Action Plan recommended by your Solution Capillaire Select expert in Châteauguay, allows you to expect results in as little as 3 months. Everything is based on a program of at least 6 months. It’s as simple as that! Everyone has the right to have beautiful hair. VIVISCAL PRO is available exclusively in select clinics. Contact us!




Laboratoire Nature also offers you a complex of vitamin supplements that help maintain the balance of the hair follicles and nourishes your scalp. Your hair will regain its volume, strength, beauty, and vitality. TRICHOL contains all the essential elements for hair and nail formation.



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