Different models of breast prothesis

During the appointment, our breast implant specialist will ask you questions about your lifestyle, your daily activities and sports in order to know and determine your needs.

Did you know that there are different models and different shapes? Partial or complete? It is even possible to get a prosthesis for swimming, for those doing a lot of sports, for those whose weight fluctuates regularly and much more.

We will take your measurements to determine shape and size to reproduce a symmetry with the other breasts. Depending on your needs, we will have you try the different models that meet your needs.

It is also of paramount importance that the weight of the breast prosthesis represents the weight of a natural breast since it helps the body to maintain its alignment and balance.

NOT wearing a breast prosthesis or not calibrated can lead to problems with spinal curvature, lowering of the shoulder, muscle contracture with neck or back pain and balance problems.

Wearing a silicone prosthesis calibrated after a mastectomy is medically necessary to maintain the right weight and symmetry of the chest and back. Maintaining adequate shape and weight is important to ensure proper alignment of the spine and chest, which will minimize and prevent posture problems and back injuries.

Following the purchase of your prosthesis, we will give you the forms in order to request a full refund of your prosthesis from the Government of Quebec. This refund is eligible every 2 years.


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