Do you have uneven breasts? Does your bra annoy you?

Do you have or know someone who has breasts of different sizes or shapes? We have the solution to get symmetrical breasts!

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We all have a breast that is of a size or shape somewhat different from the other.

It is a fact of the human body. Our right side is not totally identical to our left side.

When it comes to breasts, we all have asymmetry. And if your imbalance is more pronounced, naturally or due to surgery, you are far from the only one.

Do you or someone you know wear tops too large or avoid necklines too low because of problems at the breast level or because of a bra that squints on one side? We know that an imbalance can stress women and make them feel insecure. In some cases, it may also interfere with posture and cause back pain.

But we have a wonderful, safe, non-surgical solution. While life may not have spoiled you by giving you a perfect pair, we can! We can advise you and fit your chest with the best breast supplements in the world. They are created by Amoena, the world leader in breast care.

We are excited to help you discover our new upper-level breast add-in — winner of international prizes! It is called Amoena Balance Adapt Air. It is adjustable as if it had been made specifically for you. You can easily increase or decrease its volume for a perfect daily adjustment, even if your chest size changes over the course of weight variations.

All of our Amoena Balance breast supplements are so comfortable that you will forget that you are even wearing one. Here are some reasons why we adore them:

  • They are made of high-quality silicone for an entirely natural feel. No one will know
    that you are wearing a breast supplement, even if they give you a very tight hug;
  • They can be inserted into your bra or adhere to your skin;
  • They are curved to fit your shape, and they have thin, tapered ledges making them
    invisible under clothing. But the effect they will have on your figure will not go unnoticed;
  • Want to dazzle? Our breast supplements can give you a little extra boost for your sexy dresses or your tops with lower necklines. You can place the add-ins at any place in the cap bra to fill exactly where it is needed, such as below to raise the breast or on the side to improve the neckline;
  • Many of these breast supplements have Comfort+ temperature regulating technology that prevents the add-ins from becoming too hot or too cold;
  • Amoena breast supplements can also help our young clients who are embarrassed when one breast grows faster than the other.

A little help inside your bra cap can make a big difference in your daily life. So come and see us. And get ready to wear your most bold tops this summer!



The best breast care tips for the summer!

Are you hot in your bra? Here are some tips to be comfortable, fresh and confident throughout the summer.

Wear a tight-fitting bra, it’s important! A bra that is too large can cause rubbing and pain in the body and breasts. A bra that is too small can cause irritation, skin infections, painful pressure on the nerves, and hinder breathing.

Exchange the apple and orange for a perfect pair — and wear that famous fitted t-shirt! When one side does not fill your cup properly, your Amoena expert will make you try the latest breast supplements to give you a perfect pair. You will look great and feel wonderful. Amoena breast supplements have a natural feel, are invisible under fitted tops, and some styles have patented temperature-regulating technology to keep you cool!

Choose fresh fabrics. For optimal comfort, choose bras with a high cotton content or bras made of Coolmax® Active fabric.

Go without a bra. Camisoles like the Amoena Valletta are made of soft, breathable fabric for the skin, with a built-in bra and adjustable straps so you can drop the bra without losing your beautiful look.

Put on light tops. If you wear a transparent top, choose a bra that is nude colored or that matches the color of your top. Transparent tops in darker colors or with prints will create a more camouflaging effect. Wash your bras frequently. Sweat degrades elastic and shortens the life of bras. Aim to wash the bra after wearing it twice, especially in the summer. This will benefit your skin and extend the life of your favorite bras.