Hair loss, normal or not?

Hair loss or alopecia in both men and women is not abnormal in itself. We lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day. The regeneration process causes the fallen hair to grow back. What about when they don’t grow back?

Men and women are also affected but differently depending on the case and hair loss can be partial or total.

Do you have alopecia? Does your hair loss contribute to your isolation? Is your self-esteem diminished? Do you feel that you are aging prematurely?

When hair loss is greater than normal on a daily basis, questions must be asked and the problem determined to limit the fall and find solutions before it is too late. There are several causes of hair loss: heredity (androgenetic alopecia), hormones (decrease or increase, pregnancy), radiotherapy or chemotherapy, peeling, certain diseases (diabetes or thyroid problems), stress, certain medications, vitamin deficiencies and seasonal cycles.

Sometimes none of the causes mentioned are responsible, so it is important to find the source quickly in order to limit the damage. A meeting with one of our hair care specialists is necessary to quantify hair loss, find the source of the problem and maximize the effectiveness of the treatment by acting as quickly as possible. We offer solutions based on the results of investigating your health problem causing hair loss.

During the consultation, we explore the problem of your scalp using our computerized micro-camera to see the evolution. We accompany you with the monthly follow-ups to support you by providing you with the necessary care and recommendations tailored to your condition.

If necessary, our expert develops an adequate and personalized treatment plan based on the needs, requirements, frequency of treatment and the length of time it takes to achieve the desired results. Make your hair grow back, it’s possible!

The goal is to find the solution to prevent hair loss, take measures that will reduce the problem and activate hair growth. You should ban irritants and see the difference between products containing preservatives and other chemicals that can worsen the condition of your hair. Treatments for hair loss vary depending on the cause.

Following the treatment plan, our team will receive you for reassessments every 2 months for a minimum period of one year, free of charge. Of course, it will be essential to follow your pre-established treatment at home. During these follow-ups, we will be able to evaluate the results and adapt your treatments to the needs.


The beauty of the hair starts with the health of the scalp!


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