When winter comes, we are subject to temperature differences with the heating in the car, the house, and the dryer. This heat significantly dries out your skin and scalp…

A lack of hydration of the scalp causes itching. It is also possible to have a marked increase in dandruff. It is therefore important to adequately moisturize your scalp as well as your face and hands.


  • Do not abuse the heat: hair dryers and heated irons expose your hair to intense heat that dries out the scalp and breaks the tips of your hair;


  • Do not use overly hot water in your shower: very hot water can damage the scalp and remove natural hydration from it;


  • Use a shampoo with a balanced pH: a good shampoo will reduce the dryness caused by the external elements;



  • Protect your hair from harmful products: use water-soluble natural products without parabens, silicones, and any other irritants. These can weigh-down and weaken your hair;



  • Cover your hair: extreme temperature changes damage the hair. Bad weather weakens and makes your hair brittle.




Do you have any questions or concerns? Make an appointment with one of our specialists who will evaluate your scalp in order to guide you according to the assignments observed using a micro camera. We will be able to monitor the state and/or evolution of your situation and adjust the treatment if necessary. You can get hair products suitable for your scalp (shampoo, hair treatments, conditioner …) with the help of our hair specialists.