Do you suffer from intense fatigue, weariness, and lack of energy is felt? We have the solution to fight against the end of winter and help you regain energy.

How to cope with fatigue by opting for the right vitamins?

Since fatigue increases with age, it is important to stock-up on essential nutrients and vitamins. An energy boost is essential before starting our daily tasks, our favorite sports activities, or simply regaining morale.

Vitamin C is the anti-fatigue vitamin. It is also immunostimulating, allowing cells to neutralize and destroy microbes and viruses.

We offer you the use of Sisu’s Ester-C® Energy Boost beverage preparations. They are a natural way to energize your water. Use them during your outdoor exercise sessions to ensure 24-hour immune support. These practical beverage powders, low in calories and suitable for vegans, are packed with vitamin C Ester-C®, B vitamins, electrolytes, magnesium, and trace minerals and they are endowed with delicious natural flavors.

Ester-C® is the only patented vitamin C formula that has been clinically studied and demonstrated the ability to remain in white blood cells, constituting an important part of the immune system. It remains in the body longer than regular vitamin C, up to 24 hours. It is gentle on the stomach and has no acidity.

The choice of flavours are: orange, wild berries, lemon-lime and pina colada. Want to taste them all? There is also a new multi-flavour packaging.

Have fun! You have no more excuses.

In order to keep your body and heart healthy, it’s important to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day, ideally 60 minutes, to moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. Moderate to vigorous intensity means that the physical exertion provided is sustainable for a certain period of time, that the heart rate and breathing accelerate to an average level, without being out of breath. This will strengthen your bones and muscles.

When this physical activity is enjoyable, time passes quickly. Take a friend, get out and get moving! And don’t forget to pack water and your Ester-C® Energy Boost.

These solutions will allow you to fight against the grayness of late winter and they will help you regain missing energy throughout the year.

Do not hesitate to contact our experts for more information.