Questions and answers about hair loss

For some reason or unknown reason, you tend to lose your hair. We demystify certain beliefs and answer your questions.

1.Is it normal to lose hair every day?

Yes. On average, we all lose 50 to 100 hairs a day and especially when the seasons change. Our lost hair is supposed to grow back naturally. On the other hand, if the hair loss is more significant and we begin to see our scalp, it is important to consult us without delay. Our experts in trichology will make an assessment of your scalp to find the source and they will offer you solutions to restore better hair health before its too late.


2. Is it true that there are several kinds of alopecia?

Indeed, hair loss is linked to many causes. We must first know the type of alopecia that affects us to be able to treat it properly. Our experts will evaluate you in order to determine the type of alopecia from which you suffer and thus offer you an adequate treatment because the thinner the hair, the more fragile it becomes, and thus, it breaks more easily. If you start to notice an abnormal loss, you need to act as quickly as possible. The hair has different phases of life and it is important to act during the phase of disorder to awaken the stem cells of the hair.


3. Is it true that hair loss products sold in pharmacies are effective?

Unfortunately, these do not contain all the active elements you need and they are not always adapted to your condition. They are comparable to drugs available over-the-counter compared to prescription drugs. These products sold in pharmacies will help to strengthen your hair and maybe even give a little more volume, but the effectiveness of these products sold in pharmacies has not been proven to slow down hair loss or aid in hair regrowth. So, we should not expect a miracle! We advise you to assess the health of your scalp and the type of loss in order to obtain an adequate treatment plan for optimal regrowth. Again, early management will probably be beneficial to your condition.


4. Is it correct to think that washing your hair everyday intensifies hair loss?

It is important to wash your hair well regularly. Did you know that the less we wash our strands of hair, the more dirt, pollution, and sebum we accumulate on our scalp? The more the scalp is coated, the less room it leaves for hair to grow and densify. Just like your face, you need to wash your head regularly!


5. Is it correct to think that applying densifying treatments earlier slows down hair loss?

There is no reason to apply treatments to strengthen the hair when it is perfectly healthy and has no weakness. We advise you to clean your scalp well with capillary exfoliants or natural products with an emollient base, paraben-free and sulfate-free to reduce the accumulation of sebum. We have product lines that can clean your scalp thoroughly and also provide your hair with the essential nutrients to maintain good health.


6. Is it true that hair loss caused by emotional stress is harder to fix?

Indeed, when hair loss is related to an emotional cause, shock or continuous anxiety, it has an impact on the whole body. Stress and hair loss must be managed simultaneously if we do not want to see the situation come back again and again, so that it does not become a permanent condition. It is important to be attentive to the signals and to listen to your body.


7. Is it true that oral supplements against hair loss will help slow down the process and regain healthy hair?

Indeed, the body often has deficiencies in nutrients essential to maintain good health. Prescription oral supplements help with healthy hair growth. Ask one of our experts if the supplements could help you?

Our body sometimes needs help to fill the vitamins and minerals that our diet does not fill. It is important to offer our body the best supplements in order to age healthily and thus avoid health problems as much as possible.


8. Is it true that using different products for hair loss at the same time is beneficial?

Did you know that using various products and different brands simultaneously or products that are not appropriate to your condition may cause irritation or allergic reactions by mixing the active ingredients? For an optimal result, you must apply the products as recommended by our certified professionals and avoid improvisation. It is important to be consistent and diligent in the application of the treatment. Our care program includes free follow-ups to assess progress and modify the treatment if necessary.


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