The breasts are the essence of femininity

The breasts are the essence of femininity, we offer breast prosthesis under the same roof. Following a breast cancer diagnosis, lumpectomy, mastectomy, decrease, augmentation or breast reconstruction.

We know that sometimes the next step can be difficult for someone. Be assured that we will respect their privacy and rhythm. Our discretion and know-how will allow them to make wise choices.

  • Spacious and private fitting rooms;
  • Measures, adjustments and modeling of the silhouette;
  • Postoperative compression bra;
  • A wide range of complete and partial breast implants;
  • Feminine, elegant and natural lingerie suitable for breast implants;
  • Sports bras and suitable swimsuits.

We also have a sterile compression garment that will be given to you in a sealed envelope and can be brought to the surgery room. This bra includes drain pouches to help with healing and ensure the perfect compression to reduce pain following surgery.

A good fit starts with choosing a bra that is perfect for the right size. Clients will have the opportunity to try out several models of bra and prosthetics, while taking their time.