Why it’s important to use appropriate underwear with breast implants

Specialized garments have pouches specially designed to easily insert breast implants.

The different models are aesthetically identical to traditional lingerie. The difference is in the making and the additional support built-in to reduce the pain following surgery. They are very comfortable, designed with soft materials, and offer a natural support of your chest.

Following surgery, we have camisoles with drain pouches and compression strips to support the weight and reduce pain. This garment is similar to the camisoles used for sports activities, so you won’t feel like you’re wearing a medical bra. In addition, this camisole can be brought to the surgery room since it is sterilized. Buy your tank top now!

All of our bras and swimsuits are designed with pouches for different types of breast implants so that they can be worn safely and no movement occurs. The balance of the chest is guaranteed and there is no risk of movement of the prosthesis. By having the prosthesis in a pouch, you reduce the contact of silicone with your skin and you get better comfort.



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