Find out which prosthesis allows you to swim without worry

Summer is coming! It smells like sea air and holidays on a beautiful beach! It is necessary to prepare for swimming activities with the Swimform Aqua Wave breast prosthesis. This handmade transparent silicone shape has been rigorously tested for its strength and ability to maintain its shape, it is lightweight, dries fast and is resistant to chlorinated and salt water. It is specifically designed for aquatic activities such as swimming. For a fitting, make an appointment with one of our advisors.

The transparent silicone shape fits easily into the bra pocket of a swimsuit specially designed for prostheses. It is maintained safely to allow you to swim with confidence. Very light, it does not deform, does not create a sucking effect and does not pull the pouch of the wet jersey downwards. Choose your new adapted swimsuit now. Don’t miss the new Spring 2022 collection!

This prosthesis is the ideal solution for water aerobics, the beach or the pool. It is available even in large sizes and offers a perfect finish. Delivered in a waterproof bag ideal to hold your Swimform Aqua Wave breast prosthesis and your adapted swimsuit.

To find the size of your Aqua Wave prosthesis and your swimsuit, consult our size guides.

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Make sure you also have our sun protection products for hair. A duo shampoo and mask BES Solaire  that protects and restores hydration to your hair lost due to excessive exposure to the sun, chlorine, salt, and wind.