Damage caused by dry shampoos

Dry shampoo has been around for centuries but it doesn’t replace a real good shampoo. For oily scalps (seborrhea), the best solution is a shampoo adapted to its condition and a good rinse.

Despite the harmful effects, shampoos are fashionable products for our active lifestyle!

Despite its name, dry shampoo is not really a hair cleanser. Ordinary shampoo itself contains water and cleaning agents that remove fats and impurities that are discharged into the rinse water. Dry shampoo is usually made up of alcohol, starch or clay, for vaporizers, or talcum powder and non-alcoholic starch, for powdered versions. The porous ingredients of dry shampoo work by absorbing excess sebum, which temporarily rekindles the folding or restores a sharper look to sweat-soaked strands after training. Beware, these products leave deposits on your scalp!

Dry shampoo is like a gift from heaven to hold longer between real shampoos or to do a touch-up after training. But it is not intended to replace the good old traditional shampoo and conditioner. If you use it every day, the product may accumulate and tarnish your color as well as irritate your scalp. Just like your face, your scalp needs to be washed and exfoliated regularly to remove dead cells and keep it healthy.

Dry shampoos leave non-soluble residues with water and can unbalance and dehydrate very dry scalps. In people who lose their hair, dry shampoo can cause inflammation or potential blockage of hair follicles, which can highly cause an imbalance in natural hair loss and regrowth cycles.

Remember if you absolutely need to use it, dry shampoo requires an absorption time, it should be used alone and smoothly. Take a test, because dry shampoos are not suitable for everyone.They clog the scalp and contribute to abnormal and early hair loss.

Our comprehensive scalp care combined with our action plans will help you get rid of deposits left by dry shampoo more quickly. We will help you stabilize the hair cycles again in order to regain balance.

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