Hair loss in young men

Is it true to say that when baldness is genetic, there is nothing to do? FALSE, the faster we treat, the faster we slow down the hair loss process.

A very oily scalp, called seborrheic, is often the first sign of baldness in young men. When the sebaceous glands are overactive, an abnormal increase in the volume of the gland occurs (hypertropia) which leads to a shortening of the life of the hair. When the anagen growth phase of the hair shortens, it has the effect of reducing the life of the hair, so the shorter the hair cycles and the more likely it is to be bald at a young age. It is therefore important to treat quickly in order to significantly increase the chances of keeping all or almost all of the hair.

It’s not just mature men who can suffer from baldness. Adolescents and young adults can also suffer from alopecia causing hair loss since several other causes can explain hair loss in young men. Stress, post-traumatic shock, dietary deficiencies, hormonal problems, thyroid problems, medical treatments or wearing a cap. Hats increase the accumulation of toxins, dirt and other residues which is an aggravating factor.

With rapid intervention and depending on the size of the affected areas, it is often possible to regrow the hair and extend the life of each hair. Our specialists are trained and on the lookout for new treatments in order to provide you with the best advice and appropriate treatments for your condition.

It is wrong to think that everybody has a head for a shaved look. The faster you treat, the more likely you are to keep your current look. Contact us now to make an appointment.