Why is my head itchy?

When your scalp itches, you have an imbalanced scalp. It has become too dry as a result of external or internal attacks.

When we constantly want to scratch our scalp and give in to temptation, we worsen our condition since we irritate our skin. Our hands easily carry bacteria and irritated skin becomes easily contaminated because it has lesions. If an infection sets in, you will increase the itching. Your condition will only get worse and the vicious itch/infection cycle will set in.

What to do: Observe your scalp.

  1. Do you have dandruff?
  2. Do you have red patches?
  3. Do you have lice?

When there is itching but no apparent signs, stress is often the main trigger. However, stress is not always responsible for this situation. The most common causes are seasonal changes, pollution, toxins, excessive hair dryer heat, unsuitable cleansing products, allergies, dyes with high concentrations of chemicals for the skin, eczema, poor diet, fatigue and hormonal changes.

4 essential actions to limit itching of the scalp:

  1. Use a non-irritating mild shampoo with a balanced pH;
  2. Dry your hair by sponging it gently, favor a natural drying in the open air;
  3. Let your scalp breathe, avoid hats and tied hairstyles;
  4. Do not scratch your scalp, massage it gently with a calming lotion.

Our specialists can help you determine the triggering factor and treat your scalp gently to regain balance and good scalp health. Providing comprehensive scalp care at every season change is beneficial for the overall health of your scalp and hair.

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