Detox Kit


We strongly suggest that you seek the advice and recommendations of our specialists before using any products for hair loss, hair problems, or skin problems. For optimal results, it’s important to follow up with us.


A set of 4 products to help detoxify your scalp:


  • 1 Epidermicol shampoo (350ml) – Rid your hair of all residues that weigh it down and prevent it from shining with Epidermicol shampoo. Its alkaline pH of 8.8 makes it a highly effective clarifying shampoo for cleansing residues left on scalp and hair by shampoos, conditioners and other styling products.


  • 1 Hinnol shampoo (350ml) – Natural hair needs gentle, non-clogging cleansing with Hinnol all-purpose shampoo. Gentle and rich in plant extracts, its neutral pH makes it suitable for all hair types.


  • 1 Purifying Action Lotion (100ml) – A concentrate with a high organic sulfur content, combined with isopropyl alcohol, rosemary extract and Chinese mint, which regulates sebum production and acts on oily hair. Deeply purifies oily scalps and oily skin.


  • 1 Freshness Balm (250ml) – This uniquely formulated product contains Chinese mint and eucalyptus oil, making it a real balm for oily scalps. In addition to leaving your scalp feeling refreshed, it will leave your hair supple, silky and easy to detangle.