Ellen Wille Pixie Wig


Please note that our online prices do not include the trial of several models in the clinic, the consultation service with one of our specialists, the cut and the adjustments. The colors may vary slightly depending on the hair fiber. The sale is final.


Ellen Wille’s Pixie Wig has a short, super classic style. It is light as a feather and incredibly comfortable to wear.In order for this wig to give you freshness and lightness, the cap has open wefts to which the hair has been stretched by the machine in very thin bands. The bangs are gently thinned so that they don’t sit too heavy on your forehead. The top has textured strands to create volume with low hair density. The top is monofilament, this gives the illusion that your hair is growing naturally. Shake right out of the box and you’ll be ready to wear it!