Ombré Hair Extensions


Please note that our online prices do not include the trial of several models in the clinic, the consultation service with one of our specialists, the cut and the adjustments. The colors may vary slightly depending on the hair fiber. The sale is final.


The range of ombre hair extensions is top quality. They are the softest and most durable that we offer. They are offered in 20 “long.

Machine Weft can be installed using the traditional braiding method or they can also be easily made into Clip In extensions, simply by stitching clips into them.

Each package of Machine Weft contains 100 grams of hair.

Each pack of Tape In and Nail Tip contains 50 grams of hair.

6A grade hair:

  • 100% double pull braided Chinese Remy hair (extra full);
  • The BEST quality of hair you can find in the hair extensions market;
  • It’s the softest, strongest, fullest, and most untangled hair you can find;
  • Excellent for customers who want the best quality;
  • This hair has such a long lifespan that you can apply it multiple times so you get more for your money;
  • The strength of this hair is resistant to coloring, fading and chemical treatments (performed at your discretion);
  • Shelf life: 6-14 months.

Additional information


Machine Weft, Nail Type, Tape In



Hair Quality Level

4A, 6A

Hair extensions colour

#1B#4#27, #1B#4#6, #1B#4#8, #2#18#613, #4#14#24, #6#22#613