Silkat C2 Bulboton Active Hair Loss Prevention Lotion


We strongly suggest that you seek the advice and recommendations of our specialists before using products for hair loss, for hair problems or for the skin. For optimal results, it is important to follow up with us.

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To enhance and preserve the beneficial action of the BULBOTON ACTIVE SHAMPOO is necessary to use in synergy with BULBOTON ACTIVE LOTION.

  • Cleanse the scalp and hair with shampoo Silkat Bulboton anti hair loss.
  • Blot with a towel.
  • Distribute the contents of the ampoule on the scalp and proceed with the massage system recommended.

INITIAL PHASE: 2 or 3 phials per week (depending on the Silkat hairdresser advise)
MAINTENANCE PHASE: 1 phial a week