Wide Transparent Silicone Bands for Scar Healing


Please note that our online prices do not include the trial of several models in the clinic, the consultation service with one of our specialists, the cut and the adjustments. The colors may vary slightly depending on the hair fiber. The sale is final.


Silicone creates a moist environment on a scar, which prevents the scar from drying out. It keeps the scar soft and has a positive effect on the scar tissue. The Narrow Silicone Adhesive Bands are available in different sizes and shapes to meet your individual needs after breast surgery such as mastectomy, conservative surgery, breast reconstruction or other operations. We also recommend that you check out our compression bras and camisoles as the combination of silicone bands with compression garments has proven to be a successful therapeutic approach to ensure the best possible healing.

Size: 260 x 100 mm / 10.25 x 4 inches

Packing: 2 pieces included