Hergen R9 Exfoliating Scrub



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R-9: It is a product of disinfection and purification. The exfoliating agents obtained by crushing the seeds of apricots, which play a mechanical action, removing the points of friction on the surface cells. C ‘ is the ideal product for removing dead cells from the surface layer of the skin and scalp, which, if not removed, prevent physiological sweating of the skin making it less beautiful and less luminous. abnormalities such as excess sebum or dandruff, the application of R9 HERGEN Exfoliating Scrub is the solution that can eliminate the greasy particles that would suffocate the hair making them always weaker and brittle as well as the annoying horny scales that can irritate further the scalp. The formulation is particularly gentle and non-aggressive, so as to make the skin and the scalp very supple, compact and hydrated. The natural microspheres, obtained by the Yage of apricot seeds gives it an excellent softening and exfoliating effect which can make the skin velvety and regenerated. The delicious scent of red grapefruit juice cuddles, regenerates and nourishes the five senses in addition to the skin and scalp.